same day couriersWhether you are a newly established firm, have been in business for a number of years or simply operating a small business from your home, a courier service can help your business move forward. There are a number of ways in which a courier service can help you

A Courier Service Helps Improve The Cash Flow For Your Business

If you have a business where you need to send loads of documents or simply make deliveries on an ongoing basis to regular clients. You would be surprised to know that taking help from a courier service does not eat up your balance but rather improves your cash flow in the long run. Since there are a number of courier services, each one offers competitive prices and you can save up a great deal of cash by taking up on the lucrative offers provided by particular courier services.

Get Your Important Documents Delivered In A Fast And Efficient Manner

Every business person knows the importance of transferring important documents on time. Often a timely delivery of vital papers and documents help save time and improve business as well.

Courier Services Are Fast And Reliable

Unlike national delivery services like FedEx and others a same day courier service provider has a smaller clientele. This ensures that that there is a good working relationship which is built on mutual trust and goodwill. Since most same day couriers deem themselves completely responsible for the delivery of your packages and ensure that the parcels are picked and delivered by a single person. This in turn allows you to rest assured that your documents and important parcels would be received well within time and there is absolutely little or no chance of your important postage ever being lost or damaged.

Easily Affordable

Often you would like to submit important documents to their respective sources and national shipping couriers take exorbitant fees which many people find themselves unable to shell out on a long term basis. A same day courier service would allow you the transportation of the same document or parcel for almost a fraction of a price.

Courier Services Are A Great Help During A Time Of Emergency

There are a number of situations in our everyday life where we would greatly benefit from a same day courier service. For example the story of a best man who forgot to get the rings from home at the day of his friend’s wedding or the case of an old man who forgot his important medicines at work and had them delivered by his secretary via a dame day courier service. So it’s not only essential for a business person to make use of the services offered by a same day courier service, anyone can greatly benefit from a same day courier.

Most Courier Services Offer Clients A Certain Flexibility

A business person knows that businesses are not always run by delivering important documents, often enough you need someone to wait while correspondences are being signed or stamped and then delivered back to you on time. A courier service can help you save loads of precious time by offering flexible and affordable services.

It’s always a good idea to take help from a same day courier service for delivering your important stuff and documents.

Courier services can come in handy quite a number of times. It’s not only that people use a courier service to deliver important documents only. Often enough most people use couriers for delivering a great deal of equipment as well. Read on to see how this expert same day delivery service delivered baseball equipment to a local school.

Selection Of The Baseball Team

Baseball was much loved amongst the student fraternity and it wasn’t just the boys who enjoyed themselves but the girls as well. Since there were going to be two separate teams this year, it was anticipated that the school would need a great deal of equipment from composite bats to helmets to all the other protective gear.

The Cut Offs

There were trails held through the afternoon session and kids showed up in droves to try out for the teams. The spirits ran high and the kids as well as the parents were eager to see who would make it to the team. Through a great deal of effort on part of the school management and the kids the two final teams were decided and it was declared that the first match would be held with another junior high school.

same day basketball delivery

Equipment Delivered By Courier Service

The management decided that it would be wise to ask the parents to simply chip in for the kits so that all the students would have the same equipment. The uniforms were ordered well before time, the boys and girls were both given similar stuff. Now all that remained to be done was to get all the equipment at least a few days before the main event so that the kids could familiarize themselves with the bats and the protective gear.

The principal believed that the equipment had to be delivered two weeks before the final match and called in the services of a same day courier to have all the things picked from the local store. Since it was a same day courier service they promised to have the stuff delivered as soon as they got a call from the store to have it picked up. True to their word the courier service was prompt and reliable and they delivered all the equipment in an orderly manner. All things were in place and none of the equipment was missing.

When asked why the management had preferred using a courier service to have their equipment delivered, they said that using a courier service made them feel secure that they wouldn’t have to make multiple trips to the store for so much of gear. Since couriers are equipped with the right kind of vehicles they could get everything transferred to the school in one trip only.

speedy deliveryAs a Same day courier I have experienced many unusual things during my career, however there are times when even I am surprised by the turn of events which take place.

An Urgent Call

I have clients who normally call on my landline or my mobile whenever they want their things to be delivered, however there are a few clients who have my home phone number as well. In case of an emergency I have asked my clients to give me a ring if they can’t reach me elsewhere. This normally doesn’t happen very often, so I wasn’t expecting anything and was about to hit the bed when I got a frantic call from one of my clients.

Documents To Be Delivered

I was jolted out of my slumber when I heard the phone ringing besides my bed, at first I thought I would rather just let it ring. However it did ring quite insistently and cursing under my breath I decided to pick it up. It was Jim; I had been delivering stuff for Jim for a number of years and was pretty well acquainted to the point that we could have a friendly conversation or two with him.

Jim unlike himself got straight to the point; he told me that he had forgotten his important tender documents which he needed to submit around 8 in the morning. The problem was that Jim was in Phuket in Thailand the tender documents needed to be submitted there!

I told him frankly that the only solution if he was willing to bear the cost was that I take a flight and get those documents across to him. He agreed and I started getting ready for my way to the airport.

Documents On The Way

After the call all my grogginess seemed to have disappeared and all I ever wanted was to get to the airport and hope against hope that I might get a seat in the airplane. On my way I had already collected Jim’s documents from his wife and it seemed that luck was on my side because as soon as I made my way to the tickets counter, from the smile I received from the person across the counter I knew I was in luck. I quickly boarded the plane, hoping to reach Jim in time.

I believe he must have been feeling the same way too. As soon as my plane hit the ground I was jolted awake. Unbelievable but I had slept throughout the flight. Oh well at least the flight had arrived on time, I hoped that Jim would meet me at the airport so I could hand over his documents to him.

Jim was glad to see me, in fact ecstatic if I may say so! With the documents safely delivered I heaved a sigh of relief and was glad that half the ordeal was over. Now what remained for me was a hectic travel back home but not in vain. The duty which I had undertaken had been fulfilled and it gave me a sense of satisfaction!

Realising that I should probably take advantage of the situation I had found myself in I decided to stay on in Phuket for a few weeks and make a holiday out of the situation. Being a courier sometimes does have it’s perks of course! I jumped online and found a rented a motorcycle from Phuket Motorbike Rental who seemed to be the best option for renting a scooter in Phuket. I had a fabulous few weeks touring around Phuket and now I’m considering opening up a same day courier business there. The chance would be a fine thing!

phuket motorbike rental price

parceldeliveryA sincere advice to all you guys who would be the best man at their friend’s weddings, don’t ever commit the same mistake which I did or you could just cause a major upheaval in the marital life of your best pal before it even begins. It so happened that on the day of my friend’s wedding the weather was lovely, the sun was shining, the bride was beautiful and the bridesmaid’s even more so. Ok fine that was uncalled for, so anyways me being the best man and all, I forgot to bring the wedding ring and with the wedding just 9 hours away.

The Miraculous Courier Service

Now for those who are shaking their heads and making stern faces after reading this, just to let you know the wedding didn’t stop. In fact it went beautifully with the rings and all. So you wondering how I got hold of the rings when I had very conveniently forgot to bring those in the first place. Well haven’t you guys heard about same day courier services and the miracles that they perform almost every day while helping people like me save face in front of hundreds of guests and averting the wrath of the bride to be.

The Dilemma And The Solution

While I was completely dumbfounded because of the mistake which I had committed, there was also a niggling voice at the back of my mind which was asking me to rectify this mistake as soon as possible. I couldn’t even get the courage to tell my best friend about it. Going back to get the rings would have delayed the ceremony by at least half a day, if I went back from Edinburgh to London and then back again. So with these thoughts in mind, my eyes happened to focus on a logo of a same day courier service, which was advertised miraculously on the tree trunk where I had been thinking of banging my head.

Piece of cake was that I knew my roommate was home and the couriers service just a few minutes’ drive away from my place. I simply called him up and let him know of my predicament. I told him to get the rings from my bedside table and hand them over to the courier guy as soon as he knocked on the door. Meanwhile I called the same day courier service and asked them to pick the rings and deliver them at the church where I planned to be before anyone else. The guy assured me that I would have the delivery in my hands before the wedding.

Reprieve At Last

I silently kept praying all the while making sure the fake smile was plastered on my face so that nobody knew about the disaster which had struck! True to courier guy’s word, I saw the courier van making its way near the church. I did a hushed up war dance and was pleasantly surprised by the quick and efficient service provided by this same day couriers. Just in time people, the same day courier service helped save the day and the wedding went beautifully without a hitch!