A sincere advice to all you guys who would be the best man at their friend’s weddings, don’t ever commit the same mistake which I did or you could just cause a major upheaval in the marital life of your best pal before it even begins. It so happened that on the day of my friend’s wedding the weather was lovely, the sun was shining, the bride was beautiful and the bridesmaid’s even more so. Ok fine that was uncalled for, so anyways me being the best man and all, I forgot to bring the wedding ring and with the wedding just 9 hours away.

The Miraculous Courier Service

Now for those who are shaking their heads and making stern faces after reading this, just to let you know the wedding didn’t stop. In fact it went beautifully with the rings and all. So you wondering how I got hold of the rings when I had very conveniently forgot to bring those in the first place. Well haven’t you guys heard about same day courier services and the miracles that they perform almost every day while helping people like me save face in front of hundreds of guests and averting the wrath of the bride to be.

The Dilemma And The Solution

While I was completely dumbfounded because of the mistake which I had committed, there was also a niggling voice at the back of my mind which was asking me to rectify this mistake as soon as possible. I couldn’t even get the courage to tell my best friend about it. Going back to get the rings would have delayed the ceremony by at least half a day, if I went back from Edinburgh to London and then back again. So with these thoughts in mind, my eyes happened to focus on a logo of a same day courier service, which was advertised miraculously on the tree trunk where I had been thinking of banging my head.

Piece of cake was that I knew my roommate was home and the couriers service just a few minutes’ drive away from my place. I simply called him up and let him know of my predicament. I told him to get the rings from my bedside table and hand them over to the courier guy as soon as he knocked on the door. Meanwhile I called the same day courier service and asked them to pick the rings and deliver them at the church where I planned to be before anyone else. The guy assured me that I would have the delivery in my hands before the wedding.

Reprieve At Last

I silently kept praying all the while making sure the fake smile was plastered on my face so that nobody knew about the disaster which had struck! True to courier guy’s word, I saw the courier van making its way near the church. I did a hushed up war dance and was pleasantly surprised by the quick and efficient service provided by this same day couriers. Just in time people, the same day courier service helped save the day and the wedding went beautifully without a hitch!